Success Stories

Success Story - 1


Lohith a 22-year-old person with disability, he is from Chikamangalore,family is dependent on agriculture and other allied occupation like cattle rearing. 

Complications during his birth affected his brain and one side of the body became paralyzed. Lohith became more dependent on the family for all his activity, In the village he doesn’t have a livelihood option and he is also not willing to continue his education, he was assisting his mother on cow rearing, he handles the cow gracing responsibility, the family had fear about his future.


One fine day his brother found an article about VNF – PANKH program in Newspaper, he called and got information about the training employment for people with disability, next day he convinced Lohith and family, and finally in the month of October 2017 Lohith joined the training.

After Registration to training during observation and counseling  we came to know he is severely depressed and doesn’t have hope about his career, It was a very hard to counsel him. VNF always insisted him to learn practically and orally not in a written way, at end of training he was very depressed he solely attended the training due to family. {This has been said directly to VNF trainer during his end of his training}  we were in a hard position to change his mind finally, we assured him to get only a week of training.


We had sent him to attend an interview in BIG BAZAR, D-MART and MAX finally he got placement in G4S security service for backend work in MANYATHA TECH Park. Now he is getting the 14000Rs salary. His brother& family really surprised with the Job and salary and they Thank VNF for changing the life of Lohith.